Welcome Images

Generate custom welcome images to greet your users
Welcome Image
Json body
"username": "Builderb#0001",
"avatar": "",
"background": "#aaaaaa",
// Optional
"members": "member #1",
"icon": "neko",
"banner": "space",
"color_welcome": "red",
"color_username": "40,0,80",
"color_members": "#ffffff",
Custom image url for icons/banners is for donators only
username: Name of user
avatar: Avatar image url
background: Background color (red or 40,0,80 or #ffffff)
// Optional
members: Member count text "Member #1"
icon: Custom icon image (cat or https://)
banner: Custom background image (love or https://)
color_welcome: Welcome text color (red or 40,0,80 or #ffffff)
color_username: Username text color (red or 40,0,80 or #ffffff)
color_members: Member count text color (red or 40,0,80 or #ffffff)
Icons: cat, chika, dog, neko, nyancat, pepe, pikachu, senko, shrek
Banners: love, mountain, purplewave, rainbow, space, sunset, swamp, wave
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